“Original tunes full of kid-friendly lyrics, singable melodies, tight harmonies, and just-right arrangements.”-– School Library Journal

Mister G in London
“I really can’t say enough about Mister G! In his work with children, he effortlessly combines a worldly musician’s ear, an educator’s eye and a storyteller’s heart.”– Tim Lightman, Principal, Smith College Campus School  

Who Writes Songs? You Do!

Mister G empowers students to write their own songs and demystifies the writing process. Using examples from his albums, Mister G illustrates how great songs, like stories, follow a narrative form with a beginning, middle, and end. Employing basic concepts in literacy, students brainstorm specific imaginative details to create compelling characters and events, and then translate these ideas into lyrics. Using this student-generated material, Mister G demonstrates how a range of musical styles – including funk, rock, reggae, bluegrass, and jazz –can be paired with lyrics to invent a fully-formed new song.

Mister G performing “Chocolalala” in Mexico

Mister G Goes Green

Children’s inherent curiosity about the natural world is a great jumping-off point for song creation. In this interactive assembly, Mister G guides students to draw the connection between exploration and appreciation of nature and the desire to conserve, protect, and defend the world in which we live. By incorporating scientific information into his fun and engaging songs, Mister G helps students learn and retain elementary facts about biology, ecology, and physics. The program culminates with the composition of a new song generated by the audience, based on the students’ sensory observations and experiences in the natural world.

Vamos a la Playa: Bilingual songs with Mister G

A fluent Spanish speaker, Mister G has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and Spain gathering inspiration for his original bilingual children’s songs. In this multicultural program, he seamlessly weaves together Spanish and English lyrics to create irresistible tunes that are both catchy and educational. Using call and response techniques, Mister G enables children to sing along and interact with him throughout the program in both Spanish and English. For English-speaking children, the concert offers a fun introduction to Spanish vocabulary and Latin-influenced music. For native Spanish-speaking children, the songs reinforce the value of their culture and language.

“Gracias Mister G! Dado un espacio que los niños pudieran bailar y cantar con su música muy bonita y muy creativa.Ojalá qué el próximo año pudiera regresar.”– Raquel Briceño Requena, Directora Jardin de Niños Estado de Quintana Roo 

Mister G in Mexico