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September 15, 2012



  • 1. Colores
  • 2. Ahorita
  • 3. Mono En Mis Manos
  • 4. Chocolalala
  • 5. Bailamos
  • 6. Naturaleza
  • 7. Big Yellow Bus
  • 8. Uno Dos Tres
  • 9. Señorita Mariposa
  • 10.Waiting For The Ball
  • 11.Sueños

  • CHOCOLALALA is a collection of original, bilingual songs from award-winning musician Mister G. Inspired by his concert tours throughout Latin America, the album spans a wide range of musical styles from bossa nova to ska, funk to folk, rap to pop. With captivating Latin rhythms and melodies, the songs appeal to parents as much as their children. Catchy and educational, the songs teach about counting, colors and nature, and celebrate the joys of eating chocolate, dancing and riding on the school bus with friends. CHOCOLALALA was produced, engineered and mixed by Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer). The album features world-class musicians, the voices of bilingual families, and performances by Mister G's former elementary school students. In addition to writing and singing the songs, Mister G played acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, tres and percussion.

Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner




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