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September 28, 2013


ABC Fiesta

  • 1. Hola Amigos
  • 2. Quiero Leer
  • 3. Cuento
  • 4. Habichuelas
  • 5. ABC Fiesta
  • 6. Vamos a la Playa
  • 7. La Guagua
  • 8. Cocodrilo
  • 9. Frota tu Panza
  • 10. Paleta
  • 11. Ratones
  • 12. Bongo Bongo

  • Mister G's new bilingual, literacy-themed album will kick-off Hispanic Heritage Month 2013 (Sept 15th-Oct 15th). ABC Fiesta features a collection of original songs celebrating Mister G’s first loves: music and reading. “Hola Amigos” kicks off the album with an intoxicating blend of Latin rhythms and funky acoustic guitar that’s guaranteed to get the party started. The worldbeat-inspired “ABC Fiesta” is a celebration of letters, words and reading in both Spanish and English. “Cuento” is a lilting, acoustic, reggae lullaby written from the perspective of a child who wants to be read a story. The zydeco influenced song, “Quiero Leer,” is an ode to kids everywhere who can’t get enough books.